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Programmable Smart LED Controller

Want a budget LED with sun rise and sun set function? Now you can buy Hinterfeld's smart controller and convert your normal LED (must use with constant voltage transformer) into a programmable LED light. Suitable for use with LED's under 36 V and 100 W. 
8 programs, set 8 different light intensity at 8 different time during the day.
  • Real time display.
  • 0-100% adjustment on each setting.
  • Built-in clock - you can set intensity change at your preferred time.
  • Power disconnected memory - your setting will remain in the device even if the power is disconnected, and it will resume the setting once you connect the power again.
  • Easy to use, simply take the controller out from box, and connect it between the LED light and the AC/DC adapter.
  • Changes intensity linearly over time and imitates real sunrise and sunset.
  • Connector: DC5.5 (you need to make sure your fitting is using this connector).
  • Planted Tanks and Fish Tanks - Simulate sunrise and sunset for the day. 
  • Arowana (Dragon Fish) Tanks - Can leave 1-3% moon light through the night, less stress on fish and less chance of self injury.
  • Cooling fan - Can be programmed according to time of day and change in temperature
  • DC water pump - Can control a DC circulating pump to simulate different water currents


  • Short press to turn on and off
  • Long press to go into clock setting, use +/- to adjust hour and mins, then press Menu to exit


  • Increase intensity 


  • Decrease intensity 


  • To enter programming mode, press and hold for 3 seconds
  • The display will flash between NO-1 and the current time, press + and - to adjust
  • Press mode again for brightness setting, press + and - to adjust
  • Press mode again and the display will flash between NO-2 and the current time, press + and - to adjust
  • Press mode again for brightness setting, press + and - to adjust
  • Press mode again to enter the next timed program setting etc. up to 8 programs
  • Caution: If display shows "--:--" it mean the setting is not recognized


  • L00*/Time rotate - it is working at that particular setting
  • AUTO/Time rotate - it is running the programs automatically (the device default is AUTO, it goes into AUTO mode once turned on)

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