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Rain Bar Unit - UP Aqua

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Up Aqua's Rain Bar Unit is the perfect addition to any filter. With the Rain Bar, flow of clean water from the filter can be directed throughout the tank evenly. This effectively increases both flow and aeration without needing to increase the pump size.

Place rain bar under the water level to prevent debris build-up, or direct it toward the surface to prevent oil or protein film on the surface. This rain bar can also be used for reverse flow plates to pump fresh, clean water under the gravel bed.

  • Creates even flow of water through tank
  • Increases flow and aeration without increasing pump size
  • Small (1-1.5 ft)
  • Medium (2-2.5 ft)

Unit includes both 1/2 and 5/8 diameter slip fittings.

Quantity Item
Two 90 degree elbows
One 1/2 plug
 One  5/8 plug
Two Suction cups
Two 6.5 drilled segments

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