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Razor R420R 8000K Freshwater LED - Maxspect


Planted Lighting with an Edge
Built with a sleek body, the R420R "Razor" LED Lighting System is designed to dissapear due to its extremely thin nature. The R420R LED system utilize the latest in LED technology, including Cree XT-E and XP-E high intensity LED chips distributed in 2 different channels, offering unmatched performance and versatility.

Enhanced Growth and Coloration
The R420R Lighting system is designed to provide all ranges of color spectrum required by plants to enhance their growth rate, improve their coloration and at the same time giving your aquarium the most aesthetically pleasing combination of colors. The Razor 8000K color temperature will meet the requirements of even the most demanding freshwater hobbyists.

Due to its elevated legs, the Razor is an excellent choice for emersed growth and paludarium style aquariums.  It will allow plants ample space to grow out of the water like tall swords and more.

Both channels are completely dimmable and allow for independent ramp timer control. This control is crucial for finding the balance beteween light, CO2, and nutrients.

410nm/420nm Super Actinic
The R420R Lighting system also utilizes the 410/420nm Super Actinic LED chips, the spectrum that's crucial for the success of any reef and water plant aquariums as it is required by Chlorophyll A for photosynthesis, where absorption peaks at 412nm.

The R420R Lighting system deploys an ingenious flat design which draws cool air from underneath the fixture, through its body which also serves as a large heat sink, to dissipate heat passively. Equipped with fans to regulate fixture temperatures in enclosed environments.

8000k Color Spectrum

- Only 0.9" Thick!!
- Utilizes the 410/420nm Spectrum
- 2 Programmable Channels / Integrated Dawn to Dusk
- Includes Tank-top & Suspension Mounting Solutions
- Utilizes Cree XLamp, XT-E & XP-E LED chips
- Aerodynamic Passive Cooling Design

Technical Specifications

- 130W - 20.5" Long x 10" Wide x .9" Thick (2 LED Clusters)
- 180W - 27" Long x 10" Wide x .9" Thick (3 LED Clusters)
- 320W - 43.5" Long x 10" Wide x .9" Thick (6 LED Clusters)

* Please Note: Fixtures must have at least 15 cm (6 inches) of space above the fixture to allow proper heat dissipation. Do not place any foreign object on top of the fixture. Avoid splashing the fixture with water.

12-month manufacturer`s warranty

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