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Salvinia sp. Floating Plant

One portion is equal to about a handful of plants (exact amounts may vary)

The salvinia genus of plants is well known in the hobby for being a relatively undemanding floating plant. The plant will readily propagate itself through side-shoots and is not restricted by CO2 levels as it receives most of its carbon from the air. Also, unlike other floating plants, the roots of the salvinia floaters do not grow nearly as long as some other varieties of floating plants,making it an idea plant for those who do not want to manage the trimming of large root systems.

Name Salvinia sp.
Structure Floating
Difficulty Beginner
Light Demand Low Light
CO2 CO2 Optional
Growth Rate Fast Growth
Placement Water surface
Height (in) less than 1"
Color Green

Loose cuttings are harvested from our aquariums at Aqua Lab. While we try our best to remove snails, we can't guarantee that these plants will be pest or disease-free. It's common for tiny snails or microscopic snail eggs to hitchhike on plants that come from an established aquarium. Please keep in mind that plant and portion sizes can vary as our plants grow and propagate.

We only ship livestock Monday to Wednesday to avoid weekend delays. Please keep in mind the availability of plants can change quickly as they come in and out of our possession or deteriorate in health, so there could be a delay updating the published availability. We will be in touch if the species you order is not available and you will always have the option to wait or take a substitute or refund. We appreciate your patience as we work to deliver healthy plants to you. 
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    Annie W.
    United States United States
    good stuff!

    We love the look of it! It has to be contained in a floating ring attached to the glass so it doesn't end up pushed under the water by the waterfall of the (where it eventually gets caught on the mesh of the filter intake), but otherwise, it's great! The fish like it, too!

    Customer Reviews

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