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Sirius LED Light Fixtures - ATI



  • Independently controllable LED clusters for full intensity and color control.
  • High-quality LEDs provide the power, efficiency and control required for lighting high-end reef tanks.
  • A single, streamlined and elegant fixture that houses components. Flexible design allows for easy replacement of components and upgrades of clusters.
  • Sleek, silver body is lightweight, rust-proof and slim at only 1.6" height.
  • Available in configurations with 1,2,4,6, and 8 LED strips






ATI Sirius X1 LED Fixture 1 x 75W LED Cluster

7.9 inches

9.8 inches

1.6 inches

6.6 lbs

ATI Sirius X2 LED Fixture 2 x 75W LED Clusters

12.6 inches

14.2 inches

1.6 inches

8.5 lbs

ATI Sirius X4 LED Fixture 4 x 75W LED Clusters

25.6 inches

14.2 inches

1.6 inches

14.7 lbs

ATI Sirius X6 LED Fixture 6 x 75W LED Clusters

39.0 inches

14.2 inches

1.6 inches

20.7 lbs.

ATI Sirius X8 LED Fixture 8 x 75W LED Clusters

52.4 inches

14.2 inches

1.6 inches

27.8 lbs


LED Configuration (Per Cluster):

  • 6x Cree XPE Blue
  • 2x Luxeon M Royal Blue 450nm
  • 2x Luxeon M Cool White
  • 2x Cree XPE Red 620 nm
  • 1x Semileds Violet 420nm


LED Wattage per Fixture / Power Consumption:

  • X1: Up to 75 Watts
  • X2: Up to 145 Watts
  • X4: Up to 290 Watts
  • X6: Up to 435 Watts
  • X8: Up to 580 Watts

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