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IM - Innovative Marine

Skimmate Ghost Protein Skimmer - Innovative Marine

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Unseen. Unheard. Unrivaled Performance 
SkimMate Ghost – Protein Skimmer

Drop in, ready to skim. Completely re-engineered to push the limits of All-In-One skimmers, the SkimMate Ghost Series is packed with a plethora of performance driving features that propels organics out of your aquarium water. These user-friendly, recirculating protein skimmers are equipped with bubble plates, integrated air silencers, and needle wheel impellers, all housed in a pearl white body that embodies a fresh modern look on its’ exterior and an array of performance features on its’ interior.


  1. Recirculating Design – Passively recirculates bubbles for maximum dwell time
  2. Drop-In Convenience– Preset to optimal water level and eliminates the need for extra accessories.
  3. Enlarged Air Silencer Box– integrated into the skimmer’s body for a seamless look while reducing noise.
  4. Bubble Plate Diffuser– Reduces turbulence inside skimmer to improve skimmate production
  5. Adjustable Air Valve – Provides air intake control
  6. Needle Wheel Impeller– Produces dense micro bubbles
  7. Cup Drain Elbow– Prevents overflows
  8. Airline Management– Keeps airline organized and “kink free”
  9. Suspended Pump Design –Reduces vibration by suspension
  10. Self-Draining –Eliminate messy maintenance
  11. Low Profile Cup Design –Keeps your skimmer hidden from view

Video: Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget SkimMate Ghost Protein Skimmer


Take Size
(up to)

Compatible with IM Tank



Pump Watts

Pump Flow Rate

20 Gal

Fusion Nano
10 & 20, Fusion Lagoon 25

3.58" x 2.28" x 9.84"
(L) x (W) x (H)

 110-120V/ 60Hz


158 gph

40 Gal

Fusion 30L & 40, Fusion Lagoon 50

3.62" x 3.07" x 11.22"
(L) x (W) x (H)

110-120V/ 60Hz


158 gph

60-120 Gal

SR60, 80 & 120 

5.39" x 3.74" x 14.57"
(L) x (W) x (H)

110-120V/ 60Hz


370 gph

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