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SKY LED Reef Aquarium Light - Neptune Systems

The SKY is a 200w, LED aquarium light, with patented diffuser technology, that smoothly blends all of its 104 LEDs to create a homogeneous field of coral-health-optimized light — no hotspots, no disco-ball effect, no need to augment it with other lights or add-on diffusers — but best of all, none of the harsh shadowing and fractured spectrum found in most other popular lights.
Diffused light just like what illuminates planet Earth. . .

The earth is illuminated by the sun, but not as a single point of light like a light bulb. If it were, there would be harsh shadows and the reefs as we know them would likely not exist. Instead, our planet is really illuminated by our atmosphere, the sky, as a filter and diffuser of the sun’s rays. This results in a homogeneous, bathing of light from all directions. The SKY brings to your aquarium that blanket of natural and life-sustaining light that nourishes earth’s coral reefs.

. . .but with the “look” reefers desire

While a few prefer the natural look the sun and sky provide on natural reefs, most tend to appreciate a more blue-purple light in various degrees. But the desired aesthetic is not universal. So the SKY delivers both. It can be easily tuned to the unique “look” that individual reef-keepers desire, without sacrificing the quality of the life-giving light the corals and other animals need.

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