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ALA - Aqua Lab Aquaria

Slim DIY Overflow - ALA


Beautiful and elegant overflow boxes never go out of style. It's function is never enough. Execution matters. Design counts. With its reliable performance and increased noise reduction, the Slim DIY Overflow features a slim, minimalistic design that offers another way to effectively transport water to your filter.

  • New slim design with welded black acrylic
  • Comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large
  • White PVC Pipe segment included
  • Bulkheads included 

Small overflow external box approximaely 6x3x6" , internal box approximately 6x1.25x6, can handle up to 90gal

Medium overflow external box approximately 8x3x6", internal box approximately 8x1.25x6", can handle up to 150gal

Large overflow external box approximately 12x3x6", internal box approximately 12x1.25x6", can handle up to 200gal

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