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Smart Canister Filter - Ista

Canister filter unit only. It can be used as a pre-filtration unit, or once connected to a filter system or a pump, it can function as a full filtration system. 

Pump recommended flow rate: 2000 L/H (528 G/H).  

Filter Inflow/outflow diameter: 12mm (1/2"). 

    Key Features:
  • Made with strong materials to ensure durability.
  • Equipped with a tap connector, easy to maintain and adjust water flow.
  • Can be used with a filter sponge, filter media, biological media, and/or adsorption media.
  • While any clogging builds up, the pressure will increase and push out the wool to prevent the flow rate from being decreased or blocked.
  • Sharp angled space that can't be filled up by the bio media which creates space for water to easily flow through.

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