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Super Jet Filter ES-150 Version 2 A Plug - ADA

The ES-150 Version 2 model is designed for small-size aquariums in the ADA's Super Jet Filter series.

ES-150 Version 2 is an external filter made with stainless steel body, an ideal canister filtration system that provides efficient filtration of Nature Aquarium in small-size aquariums.  The ES-150 Ver.2 adapts a new high-performance pump head that is quieter and more powerful than the previous version.  It is designed for easy disassembly and easy maintenance.  Spring Washer SS comes with the product to maintain the glass pipes and clear hose easily.  

*For freshwater aquarium use only.

Standard Accessories:
Anthracite (activated carbon in net) 1L 
Bio Cube 20 0.5L 
Lilly Pipe Spin P-1 (10mm) 
Lilly Pipe Mini V-2 (13mm)
Inflow Hose (13mm), Outflow Hose (10mm)

Spring washer SS
Hose Clip 10mm x 1/16mm x 1
Stabilization mat 

Silent design pump

Operation Noise: less than 35dB (at the distance of 1m)

Operation frequency: 50/60Hz

Voltage: 3W (12DCV)

Flow Rate: 3.5L/min
Maximum Pump Head: 1.3m
Capacity 1.5L
External Size: DIA118mm x H280mm
*For aquarium size from W30 x D18 x H24 cm to W45 x D27 x H30 cm
*Flow rate and maximum pump head is shown in data are under a no-load condition.

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