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System Terra 30 Mistflow Set - DOOA

Enjoy aqua terrarium using DOOA’s signature “Cascade” and Wabi-Kusa Mat. Try out new styles of aquatic plants.

System Terra 30 by DOOA is a high-quality plant terrarium with an integrated pump system. The appealing design combined with special technology makes it possible to bring a small jungle into your home. The wall in the back can be planted with mosses and epiphytes, which will be kept wet by the waterfall. The large filter box makes great filtering possible combined with a lot of space for important micro-organisms. Due to the small hole in the side of the tank, a CO2 system can be included without disturbing hoses being in the way of your sight.


  • Aquarium tank
  • Wabi-Kusa Mat x 6
  • Filtration pump (3 ℓ / min, USB port Type-A)
  • Pump stand
  • DOOA Mistflow Fogger
  • Outflow pipe
  • Flow rate controller
  • Filter sponge x 5 
  • DOOA Cascade Brush
  • DOOA Glass Cover for System Terra 30 (W282xH95mm)
  • Cube Garden Hooks 4 Pack Set (5mm)


  • Small jungle for the living room
  • Terrarium with many design possibilities
  • Integrated filter system
  • Decorative
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 40 cm
  • Glass thickness: 5 mm

*Approximate water volume: 10L (2.6 gal)
*Wabi-Kusa (9 Ø) can be installed besides Wabi-Kusa Mats
*The use of ADA MOSS COTTON (optional) is recommended to attach aquatic plants to Wabi-Kusa Mat

*SYSTEM TERRA 30 / AQUA 30 are compatible with AQYASKY G 301 and SOLSTAND G.

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