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NLS - New Life Spectrum

THERA+A Large Fish 3mm Sinking Pellets - New Life Spectrum



A balanced diet packed with garlic (containing allicin compounds) and especially suited to feeding during periods of stress such as: quarantine of new fish; during disease recovery; and for fry before and after netting and movement. Garlic helps to optimize the immune system and protect against parasites. Although suitable for both planted and reef aquariums, this all-natural food is particularly useful for fish in marine aquaria where chemical treatments might raise the risk of side-effects.‘Thera A’ is not a medication, and disease treatments should continue to be used as appropriate.


  • Easy to digest nutrients from whole Krill & Algae (without soybean products).
  • For all types of freshwater and saltwater fish, including omnivores, herbivores & carnivores.
  • High nutrition density for less waste & cleaner water.
  • Enhances the full spectrum of your fish's color.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed twice daily. The portion should be eaten in 1 minute or less. *Do not overfeed.

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