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Trigger Systems

Triton 44 Sump - Trigger Systems

The Triton series is designed to work with the Triton method which is becoming increasingly popular as it does not require water changes, which no one enjoys. One of the main requirements for the Triton method is to have a refugium sized at roughly 10% of the display tank volume. The TRITON44 refugium will hold 18 gallons when at the highest water level setting (11.5″) allowing it to support tanks up to around 180-200 gallons. Some of the features of the TRITON44 are:

  • Configurable input fitting plate (Patent Pending)
  • Refugium clear polycarbonate lid
  • Algae blocker
  • Independent water level control in refugium and skimmer sections
  • Cable/Hose organizers
  • Media platform with foam filter block
  • Laser engraved water level indicator
  • Four position countersunk probe holder
  • Quick connect 1/4″ hose input fittings for dosing and ATO inputs
  • Aquamarine blue coloring accents, solid white bottom and smoke back and around refugium section to block light and prevent unwanted algae growth in other sections
  • 1. Configurable drain input plate
  • 2. Refugium clear polycarbonate lid
  • 3. Cutout to allow mounting of refugium light
  • 4. Cable/Hose organizer (x2)
  • 5. 4 position probe holder with countersunk holes
  • 6. Quick connect hose inputs for dosing and ATO (x4)
  • 7. Laser engraved water level indicator
  • 8. Media platform with foam filter block
  • 9. Adjustable water level in skimmer section
  • 10. Adjustable water level in refugium section
  • 11. Algae blocker


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