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UNS - Ultum Nature Systems

UNS Pro CO2 Needle Valve Manifold Block - Ultum Nature Systems

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UNS PRO Manifold Block

Connecting multiple manifold blocks to the Ultum Nature Systems Pro Dual Stage Regulator allows for CO2 distribution into multiple planted aquariums using one cylinder. Add one extra manifold block for every planted aquarium you want!

Each manifold block consists of a detachable bubble counter, check valve and precise needle valve. Increase the number of manifold blocks used to create hassle-free and simple planted aquarium CO2 injection systems.  

This CO2 manifold block does not include the UNS Pro Dual Stage CO2 Regulator shown in images above.

  • This CO2 splitter is constructed from stainless steel for rust-free durability
  • Individual needle valves for precise bubble metering
  • Extremely easy installation, no special tools required (a wrench will help with tightening)
  • This item is not compatible for use with SMC CO2 regulator products

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