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UNS X ONF Flat Nano Stand LED Light - ONF

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Ultum Nature Systems strives to provide premium, industry-leading aquarium goods with the everyday hobbyist in mind. Versatile and sleek, our innovatively designed product line is the perfect foundation for an array of aquarium styles. 2019 introduced a collaborative effort with ONF, a premium brand with an aesthetic approach to aquarium lighting. With design and functionality at the core, the UNS x ONF Flat Nano Stand Limited Edition has been created. With the same modern design and advanced technology, beautiful visuals are produced while the experience remains unparalleled."   ONF LED lighting is a premium brand originating from Taiwan. With multiple models and sizes to fit a rimless aquarium, ONF has been highly-coveted in the aquarium hobby for beautiful lighting in a sleek package. Light up your planted tank and watch colors from fish and aquarium plants come to life. 


ONF's Flat Nano LED features aluminum, plastic, and rubber elements. 

  • 360-degree swivel for easy tank maintenance
  • Adjustable height and angles
  • Dedicated stand for nano tanks and Wabi-Kusa style setups
  • Rust resistant
  • 3 Level dimming capabilities
  • Timer memory
  • Ramp up and down

ONF Flat Nano Stand LED Light will fit under rimless aquarium tanks with foam mats.

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