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VIDA-GT Series Dosing System - Arka

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The result of superior advancement.  Without compromise.

Pushing conventional limits. Re-defining aquarium care.

The 4-channel VIDA-GT dosing unit combines the simplicity of aquarium care, thanks to an integrated magnetic stirring unit and automatic hose emptying. The result: unprecedented convenience for perfect aquarium care that redefines the concept of an "automatic" dosing unit.

Magnetic stirrer and hose emptying. Chosen to go new ways.

Whether bacterial solutions or water conditioners, trace elements or liquid feed suspensions: convenient dosing is most beautiful when nothing is impossible. The integrated stirring unit with neodymium magnets is convincing thanks to the simplicity of never being able to dose itself. The automatic hose emptying with hose length learning completes the new definition of "simple".

a glass with a blue doora close up of a plate on a table

When design combines with everyday usability.

Clean, clean lines define their design.  There are also stainless steel screws, integrated depot holders and many more details.

  • 4 channel dosing system (expandable up to 8 channels)
  • Magnetic Stirrer (stirring interval: 120 sec every 30 min and before each dosing process)
  • Backflashing (backsiphonage)
  • Dosing volume (1-1999 ml/ Channel for each dosing)
  • Dosing times (Adjustable: 0-24 hours)
  • Dosing accuracy (ca. +/- 2% after calibration)
  • Dosing intervals (Periodically: 1-30 days/ 1-24 hours; 6 individually programmable dosing per day and channel; Individual programming of weekdays)
  • Power adapter of 110-240V 12 DC out 1000 mA
  • Temperature range of 0-50 C
  • Made of ABS Plastic
  • Dimensions are 290 x 170 x 76 mm

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