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VorTech QuietDrive Wavemaker Pump (Mobius-Ready) - EcoTech Marine

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Another revolutionary design concept from EcoTech Marine, these controllable DC wavemakers use magnetic couplings to eliminate the need for a cord inside the aquarium. The clever design, thoughtful aesthetic, and good flow characteristics make this a winning pump for flow.

  • Creates a gentle flow helping your aquarium mimic ocean currents
  • Magnetically coupled design to keep heat and wires out of the tank
  • Fully adjustable flow that you control wirelessly through Ecotech's new Mobius app
  • Compatible with the EcoTech Battery Backup Accessory


In an aquarium, having the right amount of flow is crucial to the health of the ecosystem. With VorTech® QuietDrive® choosing the correct water circulation equipment has never been easier.

VorTech pumps are designed by aquarists to be the gold standard for providing flow in marine aquariums. When it comes to broad yet gentle flow, the VorTech design is unmatched.

  • Create massive water movement
  • No coral damaging “hot spots”
  • Natural Gyre
  • Tank-wide flow patterns
  • Precise control of water movement


At the heart of the VorTech’s success is its unique, patented, magnetically coupled design.

  • No distractions from the beauty of the tank and its inhabitants
  • No wires in the aquarium
  • No unwanted heat added to the water column
  • No risk of electrical discharge harming people or marine life
  • No hassle when it comes to installing, relocating or cleaning the power head


An Ever-Expanding Ecosystem

You’ve invested in your ecosystem with the smartest and most capable EcoTech® equipment. Now unlock the true potential of this system with nothing more than an app on your smart device.

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2,500 GPH

(9500 LPH)

5,000 GPH

(19,000 LPH)

9,000 GPH

(34,000 LPH)


8 - 19 Watts

9 - 37 Watts

10 - 60 Watts

Tank Size

2.5 - 50 GAL

(9.5 - 190 L)

50 - 500 GAL

(190 - 1800 L)

120 - 1000+ GAL

(450 - 3800+ L)

Max Glass Thickness





0.375 - 1”

(9.5 - 26 mm)

Additional info:

VorTech MP QD Series Comparison Specs [PDF]

Use EcoTech Marine's flow calculator to determine how many pumps your aquarium needs.

To prevent debris and small organisms from entering the propeller, use VorTech MP Series Replacement Foam Guards.

The QuietDrive Driver Only replaces the old ES driver.

Use a VorTech MP Series Replacement Wet Side Assembly instead of replacing the entire pump.

The VorTech Battery Backup will give you peace of mind knowing your fish and coral will be okay if the power goes out.

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