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Aqua Soil

Rich in organic acids and nutrients, aqua soil is the recommended substrate for planted aquariums. It provides the best medium for roots to thrive while contributing essential nutrients for plant development and regulating the water's pH to an ideal (slightly acidic) level.

The entire substrate can be aqua soil, or it can be sectioned off with hardscape or other substrate accessories to leave space for sand or gravel.

Amazonia is the trusted original, but the Aqua Lab team has had success with all brands. Smaller grain sizes look more proportional in smaller aquariums and support delicate root systems of smaller plants. 

The high nutrient content can cause a spike in ammonia when first introduced into an aquarium. If setting up a new tank, this is useful for starting the nitrogen cycle to develop a strong biofilter.The light versions have a slightly lighter color and contain less nutrients, making them better options for established aquariums that do not need a cycling jump-start. 

Power Sand is an ideal foundation layer that helps oxygenate the soil above and prevents excess compaction. It is recommended for aqua soil layers more than an inch or two thick.


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