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May 23, 2020 2 min read

We're excited to announce the release of a new video series we did in collaboration with one of our young customers, Everest.  Everything was filmed and edited by him, with guidance from Aqua Lab. Make sure to give him some props when you see him working in our store this summer!  :)


We will be releasing an episode daily throughout the week, so keep checking back!
The series is titled, "Getting Started with the Aquarium Hobby, It's So Easy, a Kid Can Do It!" We will be covering a variety of important topics to know before setting up your new aquarium.  If you're just getting started with the hobby, or thinking about getting into it, this video is for you!


Although this series is aimed at beginners, even veterans and experienced aquarists might find some useful information as well! We'll be publishing several videos over the next few days, so stay tuned!


The first video in the series will introduce you to the components used to set up your first aquarium, wether it's fresh or saltwater.

Episode 1 - Setting Up Your First Aquarium | So Easy a Kid Can Do It!

The second video will cover "cycling" and maturing the aquarium.

 Episode 2: Aquarium Cycling and the Nitrogen Cycle | So Easy a Kid Can Do It!

The third video covers aquarium water chemistry fundamentals.

Episode 3: Aquarium Water Chemistry Basics | So Easy a Kid Can Do It!

The fourth video covers aquatic animal care essentials.

Aquatic Animal care gif

Episode 4: Aquatic Animal Care, What you Need to Know | So Easy a Kid Can Do It!

The fifth and last video in this series covers basic aquarium maintenance.

basic aquarium maintenance gif

View the series in our Aquarium Basics Blog and don't forget to subscribe below! 
Be sure to subscribe to Aqua Lab Uncensored for more tips and tricks!
Getting Started with the Aquarium Hobby | It’s So Easy, Even a Kid Can Do It!



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