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July 01, 2019 1 min read

If you're a reefer you've probably heard of World Wide Corals (WWC) before.  They are one of the most prolific coral frag shops ever and here we get a little sneak peak of their facility.

 Of note:

-It doesn't look like they use sumps on their systems.  Each 300gal raceway holds the volume of the entire system, with a skimmer plumbed in externally.

-Each system uses a large Geo's Calcium Reactor with a Carbon Doser.

-A limited amount of live rock, and no sand in the systems.

-Lots of flow from EcoTech Vortech Pumps

-Clove polyps don't tolerate being in small groups very well, always frag at least 3 or more polyps per frag



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